Supervision Entertainment Ltd.

100-in-1 Contra 16 Function

Nintendo Entertainment System - Unlicensed - 1991

100-in-1 Contra 16 Function is a Famicom multicart developed by Supervision in 1991. The menu interface features music from Booby Kids. The cart itself contains many repeats, and the last 42 entries on the list allow you to change the starting level and/or number of lives you start with on the selected game. As the title implies, 16 of the menu listings are variations of Contra. Arkanoid and both versions of Tetris have been cut down from 48k to 40k and so some graphics have been removed in these.

Donk! The Samurai Duck!

Donk! The Samurai Duck!

Commodore Amiga - Released - 1993

Donk!: The Samurai Duck! is a Platform game, developed by The Hidden and published by Supervision, which was released in Europe in 1993. We have seen it all now. Mutant Turtles, Biker Road Rats, Superhuman Thunder Cats, but Samurai Ducks? Come on! Well, surprising as it may seem, that is just what Supervision’s new hero is, a fair-feathered fowl with a taste for the orient. After a good stint on the Amiga, and then on the consoles, it was only a question of time before the yellow feathered one got the taste for some CD action. When all the hurly burly has been seen and the mystical smoke...

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