Nice Code

2002 World Cup P.K

2002 World Cup P.K

Nintendo Entertainment System - Unlicensed - 2002

Angry Birds

Nintendo Entertainment System - Unlicensed - March 23, 2012

The game follows the same story as the mobile phone game: There are 4 "acts", each with several levels. The mission is to destroy the pigs, who have stolen eggs from the birds' nest. In this version, there is only one kind of bird and one kind of pig. The music is lifted from the Nice Code game Star, and there are no sound effects.

Awful Rushing

Awful Rushing

Nintendo Entertainment System - 2000

Blob Man

Nintendo Entertainment System - Homebrew - 2007

Blob Man is a game that doesn't contain any blobs or any men. Madness!


Nintendo Entertainment System - Unlicensed

Nature Clan: Escapeway, or simply known as Escapeway, is a game in the Nature Clan series, developed by Nice Code.

Feng Yin Dao

Feng Yin Dao

Nintendo Entertainment System - 2005

Feng Yin Dao (Chinese:东方的传说之-封印岛 lit. The Legend of the East - The Island of Seal) is a backport of The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening made for the Famicom that was developed by Nice Code and published by Shenzhen Nanjing Technology Co., Ltd

Mirror Devil World

Nintendo Entertainment System - Unlicensed

Nature Clan: Mirror Devil World, otherwise simply known as Devil World, is a game in the Nature Clan series. Its hardware is based on VT02/Famicom, and it is a clone of Kickle Cubicle.

Plants vs. Zombies

Nintendo Entertainment System - Unlicensed - 2012

Plants vs. Zombies is an unofficial port of Plants vs. Zombies, made in 2012. It was likely developed by Nice Code.

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