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MS-DOS - Released - 1996

A collection of sliding picture puzzles. You can chose from 3x3 or 4x4 grid sizes and select from several pictures, you unlock more as you go. You are scored based on how many moves it takes to complete a puzzle starting with 999 for the 4x4 and 499 for the 3x3 puzzles and counting down.


MS-DOS - 1993

1993 apparently created for New Year holidays, what the title says and surroundings. We are given 50 attempts, then we can run the key as many times as points scored, and so on, until all attempts are not using. And if the key is caught under an alien, that one point is given if the top - then two. The rate of movement increases with time, and the game becomes more complicated. At the end, we offer the results appear in the table of records.

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