Harry Dodgson

Combat 1990

Combat 1990

Atari 7800 - Homebrew - 2005

Combat 1990 plays homage to the classic Combat that was packed with millions of 2600 systems. Unlike the original Combat, this version offers both single and two player games (although the two player game is cooperative, as opposed to head-to-head). Each player starts with five tanks, and your goal is to destroy as many enemy tanks and saucers as possible. In addition to firing projectiles, your tank features a shield that will protect it from incoming attacks, although firing will disable the shield. You can drive over energy pods that will replenish your shield to 100% strength. The game...

Conquest of Zow

Atari Lynx - Unreleased - 1996

Conquest of Zow started as a collection of sound and graphics demos. This project was cancelled when the ROM for the game was leaked online and Harry stopped all Lynx development.

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