Ajt Soft


MS-DOS - Released - 1995

2x2 is a game for learning multiplication tables. The game is a Tetris variant. The game takes place in the same manner, except that the player does not stack bricks but digits. The player's task is to choose the correct digit arising from a multiplication operation. If correct, the selection is deleted, if not, it remains. After three correct answers in a row one incorrect block is removed. The game allows players to configure advanced multiplication tables and determine which part of the mathematical equation they will complement.

Rolling Jack

MS-DOS - Released - 1994

Rolling Jack is a Boulder Dash clone. On each level, the protagonist (a smiling, red ball), who can move freely in 4 directions, must collect all the coins and then go into the exit. There are numerous dangers in the levels: rocks which fall when there is free space beneath them, and which can kill our hero by falling on him, or block his progress and make him unable to complete the level; flying screws and chattering teeth, which fly along walls and kill the hero if they collide with him (the chattering teeth must be killed, e.g. by dropping rocks on them, as each such a monster contains...

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