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BS Chrono Trigger Jet Bike Special

Nintendo Satellaview - 1995

Chrono Trigger is a game for the Super Famicom. From as early as May of 1995 it was discussed on the Satellaview broadcast magazine, Game Tora no Ooana. Later in the life of the Satellaview, downloadable content was released for Chrono Trigger via the Satellaview. These sets of download data included: Chrono Trigger Character Zukan Chrono Trigger Jet Bike Special Chrono Trigger Music Library

BS Chrono Trigger Music Library

Nintendo Satellaview - 1995

BS Chrono Trigger: Music Library was released for the Satellaview in 1995. The game was developed by Squaresoft and published by Nintendo. Essentially, Music Library is an add-on to Chrono Trigger. It contains the game's entire soundtrack, which can be selected and played based on disc and track number. The music is played in something like a media player, where the player has control over stopping and playing the music (but not fast-forwarding or rewinding).

Chrono Trigger: Character Library

Nintendo Satellaview - DLC - 1995

'Chrono Trigger: Character Library' is essentially a bestiary containing every playable character and enemy (sprite) from 'Chrono Trigger'. The original game was released for the Japan-only Satellaview in 1995 and was developed by Squaresoft and published by Nintendo. It was later released as a bonus feature on 'Final Fantasy Chronicles', which included a newer version of Chrono Trigger.

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