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Bounce Zone

MS-DOS - Released - 1990

Move over, Pong, there's a new paddle game in town... and it boasts a whole other dimension! While the basic gameplay dynamics are as we've come to know and love (use your paddle to bounce the ball past your opponent's goal line), rather than manipulating the paddle along a single axis and bouncing the ball on a flat, 2D shufflepuck or air hockey surface, the paddles now move along two axes (the player adopting the vantage directly behind his own paddle) and volley the ball through a rectangular 3D court, bouncing not only off walls but the floor and ceiling also! First to 10 wins.

Burger Blaster

MS-DOS - Released - 1988

Burger Blaster is an arcade shooter with a twist. Hamburger parts are flying through the sky, you must shoot them down and catch them in the correct order in order to make complete hamburgers and score points.

Climber 5

MS-DOS - Released - 1987

HOMERUN! NUTS! That's not that great a thing for you as you are the batboy and must climb the structure to retrieve the homerun ball. Be careful not to hit any moving items. This plays out rather like Donkey Kong You begin in the bottom right or bottom center and must make your way, via ladders, to the top left to retrieve a ball. Avoid moving obstacles however you can. Be careful you do not touch an obstacle or you will lose a life and be returned to your starting point. When you get the ball, you move on to the next level.


MS-DOS - Released - 1989

Iskib is a 2D side-scrolling, arcade-like action game. The player's objective is to run a whole level, avoiding being shot or hit by obstacles. This can be done by controlling the run speed (running faster/slower), jumping or firing a gun. Enemies are represented by spaceships that move in awkward patterns and occasionally drop bombs on the running player. Sometimes mines or rocks block the road and one has to jump over them. Every bomb hit or obstacle hit is fatal, one life is lost and the whole level is restarted. Some power-ups are found on the road: bullets to replenish bullet supply,...

Laser Strike

Laser Strike

Commodore 64 - Released - 1986

Published in COMPUTE! 1986/12 (Issue #79), and also in COMPUTE!'s Third Book of C64. In this strategy game for one or two players, your mission is to locate and vaporize your opponent's hidden space force before your force suffers the same fate. "Laser Strike" is a strategy game based on several popular board games (Battleship is probably the most famous). However, unlike the board games, the action in Laser Strike occurs in outer space. Two players secretly deploy their space-ships around the galaxy and then try to locate the opponent's ships by firing laser strikes on the two-dimensional...

Nerm of Bemer

MS-DOS - Released - April 2, 1984

A Compute! Magazine type-in BASIC title featuring Nerm the Worm, who is trapped in Bemer Castle and would like nothing more than to escape (and consume a generous helping of "magic mushrooms" along the way). Yet another variation on Snake where the player controls a serpentine crawler in perpetual motion, which must be guided to consume food, dodge deadly walls, and avoid biting its own tail. The castle is composed of eleven rooms, each trickier to navigate than the last. In a vaguely Carrollian manner, the rooms are prone to sprouting mushrooms which cause Nerm to grow as he eats them:...

Pyramid Power

MS-DOS - Unlicensed - 1986

This simplistic clone of Q*Bert features familiar gameplay -- the player must move around on a pyramid changing the color of blocks by stepping on them while avoiding monsters and falling rocks. There are even teleport disks on each side of the pyramid which can transport the player back to the top in an emergency.

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