Omega System

Abunai Chouhan Shoubu

Abunai Chouhan Shoubu

Microsoft MSX2 - Released - 1988

Abunai Chouhan Shoubu is an Action game, developed and published by Omega System, which was released in Japan in 1988

Super Lup Lup Puzzle

Arcade - Released - 1999

Super Lup Lup in an action/puzzle game in which different coloured marbles continually roll down a spiral path towards a central goal line. Players control a rotating cannon situated at the center of the spiral and must stop the line of marbles from reaching the goal by shooting matching coloured marbles into the line. If three or more marbles of the same colour are matched, they will disappear. In addition to standard marbles, bonus items occasionally appear that will, for example, temporarily slow down the rate the marbles' advance. Also, providing there is a clear line of sight,...

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