Paul Pedriana


Windows - Released - October 1, 1992

Hearts is a shareware implementation of the card game for four people, it is the second version of the game from this developer. As usual the player competes against three AI opponents in the standard game though, unusually, there is an option to compete against another program. The standard game will be familiar to anyone who has played the game that comes free with Windows, all cards are dealt out, three cards are passed to an opponent and the object of the game is to avoid winning a trick containing a heart or the queen of spades. Many optional rule variations are catered for in this...

Hearts for Windows

Windows 3.X - Released - December 1, 1991

Hearts is a card game. At the end of the game, the player with the lowest score wins. Your goal in each hand is to avoid winning any 'tricks' including a heart or the Black Maria (aka the Queen of Spades), or to gain all 13 hearts and the Black Maria. Hearts for Windows allows for 1 to 4 human players but is always a 4 player game either filled by human players or computer players. The only drawback to more than one person playing is all the human players cards are displayed on one screen, allowing for each player to see each others cards. The program allows for custom rule variations such as...

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