Shaun Pearson

360 ARM

360 ARM

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 2004

360 ARM is a SEUCK shooter developed by Shaun Pearson in 2004. It was published by TND and also published in GO64! 2005/04.

The Adventures of Alain

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - December 25, 2014

Unlike most SEUCK games, this game is not an actual shoot 'em up. The Adventures of Alain - Script INT. HOTEL ENTRANCE - MORNING: A damp day, Hotel, somewhere in the countryside. It is about 08:00. Alain has no money to pay for the hotel bill. The Hotel owner locks Alain in in his room, and contacts the police via telephone. Alain makes his escape, via a window. To cover his modesty, Alain steals clothes off a washing line. With no keys to start his car, Alain makes a bid for freedom on foot. THE GAME: Alain has 3 attempts at getting his Scene right, or he is off the job. His...

Fly Pig

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 1991

The goal of Fly Pig is your character has to fly up the screen blasting your way to in order to save a pig whose being held hostage by the bad guys. This game was created by Shaun Pearson using SEUCK in 1991.

SFS: Special Forces Soldier

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - February 18, 2015

Special Forces Soldier was inspired by Rambo - First Blood PT2 and Commando. It features stunning graphics and plenty of commando style fun. The front end consists of a Galway inspired atmospheric tune. Your mission:To rescue a commando captured by enemy forces. Play the part of Jon A Troubled Special Forces Soldier. Take on the enemy armed with only a machine gun. Released as part of the SEUCK Compo 2015. P.S. the black bars are part of the playing field. It's symbolic or something.

Shot Away '92

Shot Away '92

Commodore 64 - Released - 1992

A SEUCK based Shoot'em Up created by Sean Pearson (as Wile Coyote) and published in Zzap!64 Megatape #18 and in Commodore Zone Issue #10.

Starfysh Remix

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 2018

Starfysh Remix is a horizontal scrolling shooter developed by Richard Bayliss and Shaun Pearson and published under Bayliss' TND banner. The game is heavily inspired by the likes of Delta and Armalyte. This is actually a remixed version of TND's original Starfysh game which came out in December of 2017.

Twin Russian

Commodore 64 - Released - 1994

A SEUCK shooter with some Mario-esque sprites for one or 2 player simultaneous cooperative play.

Woolly Jumper

Woolly Jumper

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 2013

Poor Pepito the sheep is lost in Mindspace! You must help him escape from this nightmare by guiding him through 16 levels guarded by Green Martians, Space Chickens and Wiggly Worms! WOOLLY JUMPER is the full 64K version of the game Richard originally wrote for the RGCD 16K Cartridge Compo. It now features enhanced graphics by WEC and improved jump physics.

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