Armin Gessert

Frankies Horror Trip I

Commodore 64 - ROM Hack - 1989

Frankies Horror Trip II

Commodore 64 - ROM Hack - 1989

Gitty's Dream I

Commodore 64 - ROM Hack - 1989

Old school retro platfomer in the spirit of Mario Bros.

Gitty's Dream II

Commodore 64 - ROM Hack - 1989

32 stages of platforming fun. A 2D side-scrolling arcade game in which the player controls either Gitty or her sister Maria. The game supports alternating 2 players, with second player taking control of Maria. Each level contains a number of dream crystals which gives points when collected in order to make the game's high score. An extra life can be gained by collecting 100 dream crystals. Extra lives can also be found in the form of hidden "Lollipop" items. Enemies can be defeated by jumping on them or shooting them after obtaining the relevant powerups. The enemies include owls,...

The Great Giana Sisters II

Commodore 64 - ROM Hack - 1993

The Great Giana Sisters Remix

The Great Giana Sisters Remix

Commodore 64 - ROM Hack - 1991

In this episode, the Great Giana Sisters (or Paola and Luisa for Italian fans) find themselves in an enchanted and mysterious world and thier task is to escape from it by overcoming all the areas that compose it. Play alone or with a friend. During your quest, precious gems can be recovered by hitting the platform sections from below. You can also get bonus items, that if recovered can give extra abilities to shoot, break down walls, greater speed and so forth. The character must overcome the various obstacles either by jumping or by destroying the walls she finds. Avoid the various pitfalls,...

The Great Giana Sisters: Crazy Hack

Commodore 64 - ROM Hack - 2006

The Land of the Great Giana Sisters

Commodore 64 - ROM Hack - 1990

A compilation of games which includes "The Great Giana Sisters", "Gitty's Dreams 1\Gitty's Land", "Gitty's Dreams 2\Gitty's Revenge" & "Power-Sisters I", all with a live trainer and highscore save as a feature.

Matteo's Land

Commodore 64 - ROM Hack - 2017

Matteo's Land is a ROM hack of The Great Giana Sisters with modified graphics/levels from 2017. This hack was done by Mbign2017. The game itself pretty much plays like the original, except some of the enemy sprites were altered.

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