Paul Kellam

Galactic Empire

Commodore 128 - Homebrew - 1986

With 80 columns to use it became much easier to show the galactic expanse before you. As Fleet Admiral of a newly commissioned starship armada you send your ships from the home planet to explore the unknown resources of the stars. The planets circling those stars may be barren or they may have industrial capacity and will resist your colonization attempts. It is up to you whether to conquer and colonize those worlds, and convert them to producing new ships for continued expansion, and to bring the entire galaxy under your control. Galaxy can be played by as many as 10 players who compete...

Galactic Empire (Green Valley Publishing)

Commodore 64 - Released - 1985

Released as part of "Galactic Empire Builder" game pack / a.k.a. "Space Adventure".

Galactic Invasion 128

Commodore 128 - Homebrew - 1990

Galactic Invasion (v10) by Bob Dodson, converted from Paul Kellam's C64 version. This strategy game is about controlling the most planets by the end of the game. Up to 10 players can hot seat a game.

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