S. K. Dumbbus

1493: The Year After

Nintendo Entertainment System - ROM Hack - August 29, 2018

Here it is 1493 - The Year After A hack of 1943 The Battle Of Midway, it has a whole new story, new Title Screen, and some game code changes. The complete text changes include a Binary Code, A Plot Twist, and Religious Reference, etc has a new Fake Ending, a new Real Ending, and new After Ending texts. Your quest is to pursue and perhaps destroy Christopher Columbus as he Voyages to discover America, just as he departs on his 2nd voyage you enter from the Nes Time Warp to chase him. We will not tell the long back story of why this was made. However, the fact that Columbus never made a...


Nintendo Entertainment System - ROM Hack - November 10, 2008

In 1919 we took a little trip across the great Atlantic, just to sink the titanic, No that was 1912. And yes for all mistakes and purposes we know world war 1 ended in the 1918 (cease-fire), with the peace treaty signed on June 28 1919. But just maybe we ripped it up and America said it’s their turn to invade Germany and stop Hitler before he comes to power thus preventing world war 2 from ever happening. Yeah right but anyway it’s a hack of 1942. There are two patches Normal and Hard versions. Enjoy. Updated for 2017, has a cleaner Title and some minor cosmetic changes, and it includes...

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