Ron Marshall

Agent Hawk

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 1992

Agent Hawk is a public domain shoot 'em up for the Commodore 64, developed in 1992 by Ron Marshall using Shoot 'em Up Construction Kit.

Brothers in Arms

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 1988

Created with the Shoot'em Up Construction Kit this game was designed for two-player cooperative play. This game pitches the Dynamic Duo against a nasty bunch of aliens who have imprisoned several hostages on a giant floating prison fortress.

Brothers in Arms II

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 1988

A shooter for one or two cooperative simultaneous players created with the SEUCK engine and made by Ron Marshall aka Met.

Brothers in Arms III: The Next Generation

Commodore 64 - Homebrew - 1988

The third and last in the Brothers in Arms shooter trilogy, created with the SEUCK engine by Ron Marshall aka Met.

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