Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades

Windows - December 12, 2012

An independently-created game crafted using a voxel engine (similar to Minecraft,) Ace of Spaces is a multiplayer shooter offering sandbox elements in addition to online combat. Choose between a Blue and Green Team and battle it out in rivers and on mountains in a cuboid world where you can create shelters, tunnels, and bases with the ultimate goal of eliminating the enemies and capturing their intel.



Magnavox Odyssey - Homebrew - July 3, 2011

Dodgeball is a game of the sports genre developed by an independent developer Atari2600land, it was launched in 2011. Each team is in two points on all sides, the movement of each point defends against the opponent.

Jack N' Jill

Windows - 2016

Jack N' Jill is a retro one button platformer for the iPhone / iPad, Android, the Mac and the Ouya. Help Jack find Jill by guiding him through 140 levels filled with obstacles of different types.

Jack O Lantern

Magnavox Odyssey - Homebrew - October 28, 2018

Many Halloween's ago, Jack-O-Lantern offended a wicked witch that her "candy" soup tasted so awful! And now after all these years, she is making finally pay Jack's insult as she casted a spell to send him to a magical maze. But this magical maze is guarded by a ghost and Jack has to collect as many candies (the more, the better) as possible so that the witch can forgive him. Can you help Jack to collect candies and get him out of the magical maze ?

Red Vs. Blue

Red Vs. Blue

Magnavox Odyssey - Homebrew - July 19, 2012

Red vs. Blue, was launched in 2012. each area needs to be defended on both sides, with each player's sides.

Santa Gift Hunt

Magnavox Odyssey - Homebrew - May 26, 2018

Santa Gift Hunt, launched in 2018. a board game, two players need to deliver gifts to their main objective, the path takes you to the house.

Spot Hunter

Magnavox Odyssey - Homebrew - October 4, 2018

Spot Hunter, launched in 2018. the main objective of the game is to search and find the target in which it is hidden

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