Vic Tolomei

Arrows and Alleys

Exidy Sorcerer - Released - 1980

Arrows and Alleys for the Exidy Sorcerer is a variant of the arcade game Targ where the player takes control of a car that moves through a network of alleys that are viewed from a top down perspective. In the alleys are also a number of arrows that start at the opposite end of the screen and attempts to crash into the player's car. The player's task is to prevent them from doing this by shooting them down first. At some times a pit will open up and a rocket will appear. It has to be avoided just like the arrows but is worth more points when shot. The player has five cars and an extra one is...

Magic Maze

Exidy Sorcerer - Released - 1979

Magic Maze is a maze game where the objective simply is to reach the maze's exit. This is made harder by pits which when stepped over transports the player to a random location in the maze. Pits are shown before starting but becomes invisible during the game. The size of the maze and the difficulty is set by the player who also gets to choose between two modes: L or M. In the L mode the entire maze is visible (except the pits) while in the M mode it's necessary to memorize the maze since walls only become visible when they are bumped into. The game is played with keyboard by typing in...

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