Drac's Night Out

Nintendo Entertainment System - Unreleased

An unreleased video game developed by Mark Lesser and Rex Bradford of Microsmiths that was produced for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game featured the sponsorship of the Reebok Pump shoe. In the game the player controlled the infamous Count Dracula who, while wearing Reebok Pumps, had to first work his way down his castle while avoiding the hostile villagers. This could be accomplished by hypnotizing the villagers with your vampiric gaze, or by pulling a lever to spring one of many Rube Goldberg-esque hidden traps.

King's Quest: Quest for the Crown

King's Quest: Quest for the Crown

Sega Master System - Released - 1989

There's plenty of action, adventure and danger in this animated video game based on one of the best-selling computer games... In days of old, you and the gallant Sir Graham must rescue King Edward and his beleaguered kingdom of Daventry. Your mission: To travel the kingdom, unearthing clues and challenging adversaries to locate the King's Magic Mirror, Protective Shield and Chest of Gold. Use your knowledge and skills to make the right choices and solve the riddles, while defying ogres and others along the way. But keep Sir Graham away from the many pitfalls or he'll dieā€”and you'll lose...

Mean 18

Mean 18

Apple IIGS - Released - 1987

Mean 18 is the name of a series of computer golf games released by Accolade in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It is also the name of the first game in the series. In the early 1990s, the series was phased out by Accolade's Jack Nicklaus series of golf games, which arrived in 1990. The game was designed by Rex Bradford with graphics by George Karalias, both of the small game development company Microsmiths.

Mean 18

Mean 18

Commodore Amiga - 1986

Mean 18 is a golf simulation released in the early years of 16-bit technology. The three-click control system was used, whereby the first click starts the swing, the second sets the power, and the third sets draw or fade. Apart from the Bush Hill course the game comes with Famous Course Disk Volume I which includes: - St Andrews, Scotland, UK - Pebble Beach, California, USA - Augusta National, Georgia, USA A unique feature for the day was the Course Architect, which was quite versatile with practice. Beginner and Expert difficulty options are given - the latter mode has more...

Swamp Thing

Sega Genesis - Unreleased

Swamp Thing is an unreleased Sega Mega Drive game based on the DC comic book series of the same name. It was developed by Microsmiths and had it been released, the game would have been published by Nuvision Entertainment. A prototype of the game was dumped by SegaAge in November 2010. It depicts the game as a sidescroller where you play as Swamp Thing hitting enemies. You also have the ability to transform into nearby objects such as logs. Unfortunately there is only one music track used throughout the entire game, and due to the stiff controls the game is very difficult.

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