Apogee BK-01 - Released - 1988


Apogee BK-01 - Released - 1978


Apogee BK-01 - Released - 1988

Muzykalnaya Programma - Kalinka Malinka

Apogee BK-01 - Released

Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins

Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins

Windows - January 1, 1994

Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins is the shareware version of Apogee's Rise of the Triad. Unlike many other shareware games of the time which were distributed via the Scott Miller model, The HUNT Begins is a separate episode that serves as a prequel to the retail game. As Taradino Cassatt, member of the High-risk United Nations Taskforce (HUNT), the player must infiltrate the stronghold that El Oscuro's followers have established on a small island in the Gulf of Santa Catalina, and shut down their operations. As the shareware episode was meant to showcase the various features of the full...

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