Paco Martin

Aspar GP Master

Aspar GP Master

Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Released - 1988

JSince he is a professional on the bike, "Aspar" has always run in small displacements: 50cc., 80cc., and 125cc. Of all modes your driving style departs quite a bit from the traditional on these bikes. The normal thing is to sit quite back and so low as possible, fitting on the bike without going off the hook. Jorge was the first of the 80cc riders, to move a little butt to get off in curves and rub against the knee in the ground: it is better to note "where" the asphalt is and always You can support yourself with the knee brace on the floor so you do not fall they skid the tires ......

Tiro de Pichon

Sinclair ZX Spectrum - 1985

Tiro de Pichon is a sports shooter and a Duck Hun clone from Spain. The game features pigeons instead of ducks.

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