Mark Ball

Apple Snaffle

Atari 7800 - Homebrew - August 3, 2010

A homebrew game announced to coincide with the Atari 7800's 25th birthday, and released through AtariAge on cartridge. Gameplay is similar to Dig Dug / Mr. Do, and really takes advantage of the 7800's capabilites.


Atari 7800 - Homebrew - 2009

It's The Enchanted Land's annual Mushroom Soup Festival. While out in the woods collecting mushrooms you stumble across a nest of Giant Killer Wasps. With no giants to kill they make a wasp line for... YOU! Wasp! is Mark Ball's first foray into Atari 7800 programming, and is (as far as we're aware) the first 7800 game written in the C programming language. Wasp! was originally written as a demo, but quickly evolved into a playable game. Your goal in Wasp! is fairly simple--collect as many mushrooms as you can while avoiding the angry wasps! How long can you survive their flying wrath?


Atari 7800 - Homebrew - 2010

Help Brian the worm avoid the mushrooms and eat the flowers to escape from the garden. If you eat the mushrooms, bump into a wall or bite yourself you'll lose a life. Every time you eat a flower you get a little longer until you've eaten your fill. Both the flowers and mushrooms are placed in the gardens randomly. As you progress through the game you start each level longer than the last with more flowers to eat and mushrooms to avoid. After a certain number of levels you'll begin to get faster too. Instead of the normal NOVICE, STANDARD and EXPERT level selection, Worm! offers the...

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