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Not being a kid any more and with a desire to explore the galaxy you pop down to the spaceship sale and get yourself a bargain. After take off something goes wrong and your ship explodes, you crash land safely in your combo escape pod/scooter unit on a strange world. The goal of the game is to restore the communications hub. Transland is a short 3D action game with light role-playing elements. It is played from a first-person perspective and it is reminiscent of Shadowcaster. The player gets to explore the environment freely and there are four worlds to discover. Starting in Waterville there are three houses, each with a character inside and a quest that needs to be completed in the correct order. First the player has to go through a maze in Hedgeville to retrieve a jump unit. Once it has been found, the player gets to access Waterville. There, the jump unit is used to press buttons high up in the air to turn on fans. Enemies can be shot but initially only the Lame Gun is available. In this world a more powerful gun can be found, but with limited ammo. The final world is Iceville where a panel remover has to be located. It consists of different areas where the ice has been split into island. Once the item has been located, communications can be restored and the game is completed. Collected items are stored in an inventory.




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Action, Shooter
Origin Systems
Origin Systems
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