Mind Your Language: Learn Spanish!

Release Date calendar
February 13, 2009
Platform joystick
Nintendo DS
Game Type type
Max Players players

Learn Spanish in a funny way. Create your own characters, and meet with students who will help you progress across different tests and entertaining mini-games. Character Creation System to personalise your learning experience 3D representation of a school that the player is free to explore and discover hidden words and letters 8 different fun and engaging Mini Games that teach different aspects of learning a language, Adjectives, Nouns, Articles and more Recordings of over 1000 words, to allow the player to understand pronunciation Rewards system that shows how well the player is doing and keeps a full progress of the game Over 20 NPC characters that give the player assistance throughout the game Wordbag where the player builds their own personal library of words Dictionary that gives definitions and translations of all words within the game

Alternate Names
  • Mind Your Language: Aprende Espanol! Spain Spain


Spiral House
Virgin PLAY
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