F1 Racing Championship

Release Date calendar
December 8, 2000
Platform joystick
Nintendo 64
Game Type type
Max Players players

You'll line up against the fiercest opponents of all time in this ultimate F-1 simulation. Featuring real circuits from the 1999 Formula One season, F-1 RACING CHAMPIONSHIP boasts the inclusion of the brand new Sepang track in Malaysia. All of the drivers from the ’99 season are included, and each uses the strategies and techniques that he’d use in a real race. Two different modes allow you to try your hand at both ultra-realistic driving simulation, and arcade-style racing with brutal crashes and fast-paced, forgiving action. Each car has eight technical settings that can be tweaked to your taste, or you can just trust the judgment of the mechanic. Try out Solo mode; Time Attack (a race against your own best time); World Championship; Split-Screen Duel; and the helpful Driving School mode. Awesome graphics and true-to-life F-1 physics make this the most harrowing racing game to date, and impressive computer AI will have you working at this beast for quite awhile.

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