Digital Dance Mix Vol. 1 Namie Amuro

Release Date calendar
January 10, 1997
Platform joystick
Sega Saturn
Game Type type
Max Players players

Digital Dance Mix is a rhythm based game featuring songs by Namie Amuro, a j-pop singer. There are three different features this game includes. Digital Dance is focused on stage dancing where the player has full control of the camera and can select the song, a costume for the 3D character modeled after Namie Amuro, and the stage and background where the character will be dancing. Sing It focuses on singing part featuring the same songs where the player needs to match lyrics with the song. The setup for character and stage works the same way as in Digital Dance. The third and last thing on the menu is called Presents where the game presents four mini-games. Beside mini-games the player can also do the general sound setup and check Namie's discography by clicking on the profile button. Four mini-games are included: Chase The Dance: the player need to press the right button to match dance to the song in question Sweet 16 Cards: a memory card game where the player has to match card pairs showing the same dance pose Door My Sunshine: a puzzle game where the player has to build the door using puzzle tiles A Walk in the Maze: the player navigates a character through the maze toward the designated goal area

Alternate Names
  • Digital Dance Mix Vol. 1: Namie Amuro Japan Japan


Sega AM2
Sega Enterprises
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