Release Date calendar
October 15, 1998
Platform joystick
Sony Playstation
Game Type type
Max Players players

Azito 2 is the second game in the series, the most important difference between this game and Azito is that in Azito 2 the player can choose between the evil side or the justice side at the beginning of the game. In Azito, the protagonist builds and manages a secret underground facility which develops secret weapons, monsters worthy of Godzilla screenings and war machines. Supported by an army of scientists, the secret installation sits on the cutting edge of exotic military research but to support the massive industrial complex, commercial items for the masses must also be developed and sold for revenue and profit. The secret base is independent of governments, thus the need for self-sufficiency and profitable products to peddle. Played similarly to other resource management games, the goal in Azito is to keep research teams at the forefront of weapons development, manage resources and bolster your defenses against occasional attacks by rival underground and aboveground armies. The game got a remake for the Nintendo 3DS console with the name of Azito 3, the game uses the touchscreen for additional controls and they make it easier to build secret bases.

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