Release Date calendar
Platform joystick
Amstrad CPC
Game Type type
Max Players players

It is the year 2389 and three years of war with an alien race has just come to an end. During the war, Earth's 'Metalyx' type power satellites were shut down and protected by a robotic defence system. However, this defence system has been damaged by continuous alien attacks on the satellites and it can no longer tell the difference between friend or foe. Your task is to take your repair craft to each of these satellites and re-attach the floating power pod to it's position on the satellite. The power pod is recognisable by the fact that it is the only spinning object. Before you can obtain a power pod, you must clear some of the battle debris still floating around the satellite, but you must be careful not to shoot the power pod. To position the pod, your ship will attract the pod when it is nearby, but on higher levels it will be repelled by your ship and with careful manoeuvring, it can be placed in position (P). Once this is done, you must return to the access hatch to be teleported to the next satellite. Once 9 satellites have been repaired, then you will dock with the mothership, and go on to the next 9 satellites.




Not Rated

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