Release Date calendar
March 6, 1999
Platform joystick
Sony Playstation
Game Type type
Max Players players

Jailbreaker is a 3-D rendered action game where you play the part of a red haired girl who wears a gratuitous bikini top. Your mission is to escape from prison. NEC’s PlayStation game JailBreaker is another odd mix of action and adventure mechanics that doesn’t quite come off as exciting as it should. The first-person view is interesting, but the game goes from slow and dull to “oops, I walked into a room and died when fast-moving enemies are introduced about half an hour into things. The tagline on the two-disc game, Die or Escape, Shila, may as well read Keep Dying, Shila as you see the GAME OVER screen a few too many times as you inch your way through the corridors. STORY: The player controls Shlla, a thief that is catched at the beginning of the game when she was escaping from a theft that goes terribly bad, and she got to jump through a window and fall to the street, the bounty hunter appear and send her to the game first area, the prison in Vulcan. Shlla is a prisoner and doesn't have weapons. Meanwhile, the machine that controls the prison guards keep them nervous as front-line soldier, since they got orders to shot and kill. The gameplay is mix of action (since you have to escape from the robot guards) and adventure (since the player has to talk to different characters and use items to advance in the game).

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Not Rated

Action, Adventure
NEC Interchannel
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