People from Sirius

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Thousands of years ago a distant planet, called Sirius, whose civilization possessed knowledge far superior to those of the rest of the universe, he decided to send a ship whose crew had the mission of establishing a base in the planet Earth. Part of the crew was teleported to our planet and the ship placed in its orbit. The Earth was in its Prehistory and the aliens taught the Cave inhabitants many things. The relationships were extraordinary and all the suspicion with which the strange inhabitants of Sirius had been received, soon became thanks and admiration to learn from them from how to make fire to build the fabulous pyramids of Egypt. Everything was wonderful. However, a few centuries ago a strange virus attacked all aliens causing them death. The central computer installed on board the ship then created a kind of MACHINE OF LIFE to try to resurrect and teleport them again to Earth, but due to the large amount of time that had remained I inactive the Great Computer, its circuits failed and the new beings They were evil and cruel. Back in the present, a brave archaeologist decides to explore a large cavern in which no one had entered so far. Once inside discover that Someone has blocked the entrance and that very strange things are happening ... Our protagonist is at the base of the aliens. There he finds a large number of things that men have been building to through the ages and they have helped them to study the human race.

Alternate Names
  • El Mundo Perdido Spain Spain

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U.S. Gold
Topo Soft , Your Sinclair
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