Virtual Kyoutei '99

Release Date calendar
April 1, 1999
Platform joystick
Sony Playstation
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Max Players players

Virtual Kyōtei '99 is a simulation of kyōtei boat racing, part of Nichibutsu's long-running series of the same name, and a follow-up to the previous year's entry. It features an official license from the Japan Motor Boat Racing Association, as well as the Racer's Association; the roster has been significantly expanded in this entry, with the names and stats of over 1600 real-life racers as of the end of 1998. There are two main modes available: Pennant Race is again the main career mode, in which the player takes the part of a new racer who must work up the rankings with the goal of winning the eight prestigious SG races; Gamble Mode is new in this entry, in which up to four players can bet on a series of races with the winner being the player with the most winnings at the end. The watch mode from Virtual Kyōtei 2 returns as Dream Race mode, in which the player can set up a customized race field and simulate the race to see the results. Additionally, there is also a database of kyōtei terminology, stadiums, and racers, as well as a collection of video clips from famous races.

Alternate Names
  • バーチャル競艇'99 Japan Japan
  • Virtual Kyōtei '99 Japan Japan

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Racing, Sports
Nihon Bussan
Nihon Bussan
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