2 Games in 1: GT 3 Advance: Pro Concept Racing + Moto GP: Ultimate Racing Technology

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October 22, 2004
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Max Players players

A double pack by THQ containing two racing GBA games combined on one cartridge: In GT Advance 3: Pro Concept Racing you return to the road and take on the world to become the racing champion. 90 cars are on offer (most only available in Japan) to race across 46 different race tracks around the globe. The aim is to place first in each, in order to unlock the faster cars available. Along with both single and 2 player multiplayer modes, you can also take part in a drifting challenge, where the aim is to drift around as many corners as possible, all in the one drift. The higher the combo, the better the result. MotoGP on Gameboy Advance provides the fastest and most exciting thrill you can hold in your hands! It goes all-out to take hand-held racing to the next level as an authentic simulation of one of the World’s most popular and exciting sports. Forget the future – this is the here and now. Forget 4 wheels – 2 are faster. Get your knee down in the corner and hold tight on the straights as you hit over 300 KPH on 16 of the World’s most famous and challenging circuits, including Le Mans, Donington Park, Motegi and more. The best riders from 21 countries compete over 9 exciting and gruelling months to take the championship in the purest combination of man, machine, adrenaline and speed.

Alternate Names
  • 2 Games in 1: Moto GP + GT Advance 3: Pro Concept Racing Europe Europe



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MTO, Visual Impact
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