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Platform joystick
Commodore 64
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Max Players players

A tile matching puzzle game created by Axel Teichmann and Tufan Uysal, published in Magic Disk 64 1994/08. In this puzzle game you have to try to clear all stones from the screen. 99 seconds are given to the player for each level. The aim of the game is to always match the colored stones with those that look the same. Then the arrow-shaped figure must jump from the connected stones to one of the different-looking stones that are also connected to the stones. This is how the connected stones dissolve. But sometimes you have to be darned careful, because some stones are not in pairs either, because they are three times in the playing field. Now you have to try to bring all three into contact at the same time. One type of stone always remains at the end, the so-called joker stone. If there are several on the screen, it is advisable not to connect all of them, but to use them for all purposes. Some stones only serve as an obstacle to make things a little more difficult. Speaking of difficult! All of this sounds pretty complicated and boring, but it isn't, but you will find that out very quickly in a short test game. Use the joystick in port # 2 to move the arrow in all directions (attention! The figure can only move on stones!). If the fire button is held down, the stone on which the figure is currently located is moved. "" restarts the level if you have manoeuvred yourself into a completely hopeless situation (three times possible!).

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