Apollo Rescue

Release Date calendar
Platform joystick
Commodore Plus 4
Game Type type
Max Players players

Apollo 16 has crashed and scattered into 16 pieces on the moon and it is your mission to retrieve all the pieces in the right order to rebuild it. Once you have succeeded to rebuild Apollo 16, you must collect Satellites over the surface so you can return home to Earth. The first part of the game is a platform game with the screen scrolling left or right when you move to collect the pieces and you can move up to the higher platforms using your Jet-Pack. As you search, you will encounter many aliens and these need avoiding or shooting with your laser because if you touch one then you lose one of three lives. All movements also decrease your energy which is shown by a gauge at the bottom of the screen. The second part of the game has you viewing your Shuttle from the side and you must control an arm to collect the Satellites.

Alternate Names
  • Apollo Mission

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