Ghost 1.0 / UnEpic Collection

Release Date calendar
October 9, 2019
Platform joystick
Nintendo Switch
Game Type type
Max Players players

Ghost 1.0 Ghost 1.0 is a Metroidvania where two super hackers hire a mysterious agent in order to infiltrate the Nakamura Space Station and steal the greatest electronic secret ever. Of course, the space station will defend itself, which is where the fun begins: the station's defenses, with their never-ending arsenal of weapons and artifacts, will have to be destroyed. But the story gets more complicated when the hackers find out about their agent's hidden ties. UnEpic UnEpic is a mixture of platforming and role-playing game that takes place in a huge castle of medieval fantasy. In UnEpic you will explore more than 200 rooms, discover over 100 different weapons and learn more than 70 spells! Unearth countless hidden treasures and defeat nasty enemies, including seven terrifying bosses. UnEpic combines an ‘80s style with modern features. The fantastical adventure is fully narrated with 2000 lines of dialogue and rife with pop-culture references. UnEpic will have you coming back for more and more, supporting multiple endings and various difficulty settings.

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T - Teen

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