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Platform joystick
Amstrad CPC
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Max Players players

Your Warrior Queen has been taken, so you, Erik the Viking, have been tasked to rescue her from Death Island as well as stealing all the treasure from the Main Fortress. You start your quest on Stoney Island to get the equipment you need for your treasure hunting on Death Island and to get off Stoney Island. Off course the locals don't appreciate you coming to their home and stealing from them so they will chase you and throw spears at you. You need to search the island and find a sword and shield but the sword is hidden in one of the many huts so they need burning down to find it. A torch is required but that is too high on a building so a ladder will need finding to get the torch. Once you have the sword you can throw an infinite amount at the locals and the shield will slow down your energy bar from decreasing when you are hit. If your energy does reach zero then it is a loss of one of your five lives. On your voyage to the island you damaged the mast to your ship so you need to find the three parts to it by burning the huts and searching the rest of the island. Once found you can now sail to Death Island. Don't sail too far from the island though as you will sail over the edge of the world and it's game over. Once you have reached Death Island you must destroy a protective wall before heading north to the fortress and plundering it's wares. Be careful as the locals here are faster and throw more spears. The Vikings is a Run 'n Gun game where you view your Viking from behind at an elevated angle. A small part of the island is shown on screen and the screen scrolls in all directions when you move. Sailing the ship is viewed from above. A joystick is used to control Erik and the ship.




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System 4
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