Adventure Party: Cats and Caverns

Release Date calendar
August 18, 2016
Platform joystick
Nintendo Wii U
Game Type type
Max Players players

Old school tabletop RPGs too overwhelming? This gives a similar experience without all the setup that is usually needed. Adventure Party is a unique story driven role playing party game where one player plays as the Storyteller. The Storyteller uses the Wii U GamePad to control the world and interact with the other players. This is done like a tabletop, pen and paper, RPG allowing all players to focus on Role Playing. The other players are the Adventurers and when they interact with the world they need to interact with the Storyteller. The Storyteller takes on the role of a villager, shop keep, enemy, or anyone else the adventurers interact with. This allows the storyteller to tailor the story and comedy of the situation to fit their friends. This creates unique and hilarious situations as the Storyteller guides their friends through the story on an epic quest to save the world! The Adventurers will need to remain together and make decisions as a group in order to succeed.

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E10+ - Everyone 10+

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