Namco History Vol. 3

Release Date calendar
Platform joystick
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Max Players players

Namco History Vol. 3 (ナムコヒストリー Vol. 3), is a Japanese Windows 95 game. It has Pac-Man and Dig Dug games. The collection includes these games: Pac-Man-1980 You control all-time famous Pac-Man, a little circle with a mouth like a seven pieces in a eight-sliced pizza, but he's all yellow. The goal is that he must eat all the power pellets and normal pellets, but this is not very easy, since four ghosts, which are Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, are hunting down Pac-Man. Unfortunately, Pac-Man does not have a weapon with him at all times, so to slow down ghosts, he uses tunnels and power pellets, which the latter is collected and makes all the ghosts blue, which gives Pac the chance to eat them before they turn different colors. In the middle of stages, if Pac-Man eats a number or so of pellets, there is going to be a fruit target, which can disappear if Pac-Man spends time on something else. Ms. Pac-Man-1982 This is the sequel to Pac-Man, instead, you control Ms. Pac-Man, the wife of Pac-Man, is taken the same role as Pac-Man and has the same formula, only the maze layout is changed. Super Pac-Man-1982 Look up in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Super Pac-Man! This is the same to the other Pac-Man games, only replacing with stuff like apples, bananas, and more, but the power pellets stay the same. To get these, Pac-Man must equip a Mega Power Pellet, which instead of making ghosts blue, makes Pac-Man big enough to destroy locked doors that blocks the fruits. For the ghosts, it just squishes them. After intermissions, there will be bonus rounds, which Pac-Man is big at all times, and has to eat all the stuff before times runs out. If Pac-Man does this without all the time has been ran out, he will get a bonus. To unlock doors if not Super Pac-Man, he can use keys and it'll open a door\hatch. Pac & Pal-1983 This is very similar to Super Pac-Man, only that Pac can't be big that is used to unlock doors, and the keys are replaced by cards. There is no pellets, so Pac-Man uses Rally-X smoke screen, Galaxian beams, Snowmen, trumpets, and more. Instead of doing his job all himself, he has a friend named Miru that she will help Pac in his adventure, but getting stuff to the ghost pen, due to Pac-Man moving in random directions. Anyway, touching her won't kill Pac or using stuff on her won't affect her at all. Dig Dug-1982 Instead of Pac-Man, Dig Dug takes his role, except he is now underground and fighting with two monsters, named Pookas and Fygars. If he drops two rocks, there will be a fruit target, just like Pac-Man. Dig Dug now has a weapon with a harpoon and a pump, using those to defeat monsters. He can use rocks, aswell, but are limited rocks in each level. The player will make a mistake when Dig Dug gets himself crushed by a rock, which is used to crush enemies, or when a monster touches him, or getting burned by a Fygar flame. Dig Dug II-1985 This has the same formula as Dig Dug, only with a roam around without digs and he and the monsters is in islands, with a drill to make islands fall into the ocean, which replaces digging and rocks, which the rocks and falling islands is no match for Dig Dug.

Alternate Names
  • ナムコヒストリーVol. 3 Japan Japan


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