38 Man Kilo no Kokuu

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Platform joystick
NEC PC-9801
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Max Players players

Following a devastating atomic war between USA and Soviet Union, the Earth has plunged into chaos and destruction in the 1990-ies. It was not until the middle of the 21th century that humanity started to recover from its losses. Earth was nearly abandoned, and representative of the most powerful countries concentrated on space colonization projects. The Americans founded an organization called NSCA (National Space Colonized Association). Their project, SC (Space Colony), was a huge tower, comparable to the mythical Tower of Babel. This is also the home of the game's protagonist, who returns after prolonged space travels, and soon becomes involved in a complex struggle between countries and political organizations. The fifth installment of System Sacom's Novel Ware series, 38 Man Kilo No Kokuu is essentially a visual novel. The majority of the game consists of text - dialogues, descriptions of the hero's thoughts and actions, and an extensive database concerning the scientific/political background of the game. Though graphical images (usually of people) are displayed by default in small windows, they can be turned off. The player follows the story, sometimes altering its course by selecting an action/response when such a choice is given to him by the game.

Alternate Names
  • 38000 Kilo no Kokū

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System Sacom
System Sacom
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