Virtual Kyoutei 2000

Release Date calendar
May 2, 2000
Platform joystick
Sony Playstation
Game Type type
Max Players players

Virtual Kyōtei 2000 is a simulation of kyōtei boat racing, part of Nichibutsu's long-running series of the same name, and a follow-up to the previous year's entry. It features an official license from the Japan Motor Boat Racing Association, as well as the Racer's Association, including the names and stats of over 1600 real-life racers as of the beginning of 2000. There are two game modes, both returning from the previous game but renamed: Kyōtei Eiyū Retsuden ("Boat Racing Hero Chronicle") is the same as the Pennant Race mode in the previous game, and is a career mode where the player is a new racer who must work their way up through the ranks and win the eight prestigious SG-class races; Quick Race is the same as the Dream Race mode in the previous entry, in which the player can set up a customized race field and simulate the race to see the results. There is also a stadium information mode where the player can view photos of the different areas of a kyōtei stadium, including areas where the public is normally not allowed.

Alternate Names
  • バーチャル競艇2000 Japan Japan
  • Virtual Kyōtei 2000 Japan Japan

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Racing, Sports
Nihon Bussan
Nihon Bussan
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