Harenochi Munasawagi

Release Date calendar
November 10, 1995
Platform joystick
NEC PC-9801
Game Type type
Max Players players

The story of Harenochi Munasawagi does not start in a very original way: the protagonist is a high-school boy named Kazuhiko, who is - surprise! - permanently horny, displaying his "affections" at any given opportunity to anyone young and female, including even his childhood friend Chihiro. But while the focus on the story is on Kazuhiko and his quest for physical intimacy (which often results in girls getting angry and beating him up), there are other rather disturbing elements that come into play later - in particular, bunny-like demons who share Kazuhiko's passion for the opposite sex... The game is a typical Japanese adventure gameplay-wise, with the interaction consisting of choosing verb commands from a menu, often needing to deplete all the options before being able to proceed. There is also navigation on the map of the town and the high school (menu-based). Most of the commands are of "Look" and "Talk" variety, but they get much more specific when it comes to Kazuhiko "interacting" with the girls. There is no point-and-click interface even there, though; the entire game is played by choosing menu commands.

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Cocktail Soft
Cocktail Soft
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