Dengeki Nurse 2: More Sexy

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December 22, 1994
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Max Players players

Dengeki Nurse 2 begins where the previous game ended. The heroes of the story, the young doctor Tanchi and his sweetheart, the lovely Kirara, are enjoying a peaceful moment... when an explosion reminds them that the evil organization Black Cross has not yet been defeated. One by one, the powerful "nurses" - agents with super-powers - are sent to deal with Tanchi, Kirara, and their friends, and the only way to stop them is to use Kirara's own super-power - turning into the "electric nurse"!.. Dengeki Nurse 2 is nearly identical to its predecessor gameplay-wise. Once again, the gameplay is divided into adventure portions and turn-based battles. The adventure activities are performed by selecting the commands Think, Look, Talk, Action, and Move repeatedly, thus advancing the story. Battle mechanics are the same as in the first game: controlling Kirara, the player has to find the right balance between regular attacks, charging the power, and using drugs in order to win. A new addition are powerful "plasma attacks", then can be unleashed when the power gauge is on maximum.

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Cocktail Soft
Cocktail Soft
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