Release Date calendar
November 1, 1983
Platform joystick
Acorn Electron
Game Type type
Max Players players

The object of the game is to defuse the TNT time bombs before their clocks get down to zero. To do this you run from block to block, avoiding the Skulls, and enter the square with the TNT. What makes the game a challenge is that once you have stood on a block, it disappears. To get out of any tight spots, two extra keys allow you to slide the entire row you are on left or right. Points are gained for the number of squares that have been stood on, and the speed with which you defuse each bomb. Extra points are earned for running over flags. After each phase you will be given the chance to earn bonus points. Press the 'Z' key at the appropriate time to cause your man to land on the flag. If you are successful, the bonus points indicated at the top of the screen will be added to your score. There are three levels of difficulty. At level one, the ticking bombs start at 60, at level two, 40 and level three you have the added problem of stamping boots which chase you round the grid. Each level has its own separate high score table complete with sample scores and ratings to aim for. Pressing ESCAPE brings back the front page where you can select sound and also the level.

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