Intellivision Lives!

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November 20, 2003
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IntelliVision Lives! is a compilation of over sixty games that appeared on the IntelliVision game system in the early 1980's. You get over sixty games in several categories, and they are: Combat and Sorcery: Armor Battle Battle Tanks Biplanes B-17 Bomber Hover Force Sea Battle Sub Hunt Thunder Castle Tower of Doom Utopia Unreleased Titles: Number Jumble Space Cadet Demo Cartridge (not a game, but a demo showcasing IntelliVision games) Hypnotic Lights Takeover Magic Carousel Space: Astrosmash Space Armada (think Space Invaders) Space Battle Space Hawk Space Spartans Star Strike Kids: Crosswords Factor Fun Frog Bog Math Master Memory Fun Sharp Shot Word Hunt Word Rockets Sports: Baseball (Baseball, World Championship Baseball) Basketball (Basketball, Slam Dunk: Super Pro Basketball) Bowling Boxing Football (Football, Super Pro Football) Golf (Golf, Chip Shot: Super Pro Golf) Hockey (Hockey, Slap Shot: Super Pro Hockey) Racing (Auto Racing, Motocross, Stadium Mudbuggies) Skiing (Skiing, Mountain Madness: Super Pro Skiing) Soccer Tennis Track & Field (Super Pro Decathlon) Volleyball (Spiker: Super Pro Volleyball) Wrestling (Body Slam: Super Pro Wrestling) Arcade: Bomb Squad Buzz Bombers Racing Cars Night Stalker Pinball Shark! Shark! SNAFU Thin Ice Vectron Gaming and Strategy: Backgammon Checkers Horseracing Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack Reversi Las Vegas Roulette Royal Dealer The game also features two video features; one is the history of the IntelliVision, and the other is a collection of interviews with various game programmers who worked with the IntelliVision. You can also unlock bonus commercials for the games (as shown originally in the eighties) by completing goals in certain games (like scoring 20,000 points in Space Armada).

Alternate Names
  • Intellivision Lives: The History of Video Gaming Europe Europe



E - Everyone

Realtime Associates
Crave Entertainment
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