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Platform joystick
GCE Vectrex
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Max Players players

I, Cyborg is a shooter set in a partial 3-D environment viewed in a behind the player perspective. Somewhat presented in the same manner as the unreleased Dark Tower, the player moves a big cyborg throughout several levels, seeking revenge after being wrongfully imprisoned and either avoiding or destroying everything in its way. As the player moves throughout an Area, at various times a trap will be triggered, releasing an enemy (or a set of them) from the top or side areas of the screen, which will then attack the cyborg. Enemies either come out in a set number, while others will keep on reappearing indefinitely until the player moves forward a certain amount until the trap deactivates itself. Enemies can also shoot or ram into the cyborg, causing damage, which is denoted by a number on the cyborg's back. The cyborg starts each area or phase with 10 health units, which a collision with an enemy or its weapon will drop the cyborg's health down by one, except for an encounter with Decapitators, which will instantly end the game upon contact. Meanwhile the cyborg can counterattack with an acid mist weapon that can be aimed in three directions.

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Adventure, Shooter
George Pelonis
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