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Platform joystick
Commodore 64
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Crown No.1 is a 1984 German language video slot machine simulation for the Commodore 64. It was developed by Claus Vigelius & Ralf Gutjahr and published in 64'er 1984/07 [Extraprogramm auf Kassette]. This program was written for all those who want to try a slot machine without investing a lot of money. Crown No. I simulates the slot machine of the same name in the inns and arcades. A corresponding graphic was achieved using sprites and self-defined characters. Crown No. 1 asks you after the start how much capital you want to invest. You can replace up to 30 marks. Then you have to wait a while, the characters will be redefined. The aim of the game is to get three matching symbols in the five windows. Once this has been achieved, there are several possibilities. Three crowns result in special games. In special games, each win is increased to three marks, each golden field in the middle is counted as a win (three marks). The number of special games is determined by pressing a button while the selection is running. Everything is presented visually. When the starter lights up, the selection can be restarted for a specific time. The crown in the middle window acts as a wild card for any amount. A crown alone wins 30 pfennigs.

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