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Like several other early Famicom games, there were plans to re-release Balloon Fight for the Famicom Disk System. However, this version was never released. Although several other Disk System versions of Famicom games were closer to their Vs. System counterparts, the Disk version of Balloon Fight would have been just an updated revision of the home version. Although the game was never advertised or displayed publicly, the leaked prototype has a handful of differences from the original: - In Balloon Trip mode, the glitch which caused the ranking to start from 47 instead of 50 has been fixed. - The sounds made by the Balloon Birds no longer has a randomized pitch, and is always at a very high pitch. This may be unintentional. - A high pitched trill sound is added to the sound of the Balloon Fish coming out of the water. - The "game over" jingle no longer has the noise burst at the very last note. Although it seems this version was meant to fix bugs in the game, it did not fix everything. The vertical speed conservation, player 2 disadvantage, and underwater travel glitches all remain in the game. It is possible that they were not caught, hadn't had a fix implemented before development ended, or were simply not deemed important enough to fix. There are also no changes to the game graphically, so anomalies like the reversed colors in the turning/skidding sprite remain.

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