Amstrad Gold Hits

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This compilation includes the next titles: Alien 8 Beach Head 2 Daley Thompson's Supertest Raid Over Moscow Alien 8 On a dying planet in a distant galaxy, the last of the creatures known as the "guardians" stored all of their libraries, records, and knowledge on a single starship together with cryogenically preserved members of their race. A single robot, Alien 8, is tasked with keeping the occupants of the vessel alive for the duration of its journey. The ship is launched towards a new solar system, and Alien 8 performs his task for thousands of years during the journey. However, as the ship nears its destination, it is attacked and boarded by hostile aliens. The cryogenic life support systems were damaged during the attack and Alien 8 must restore them to an operational status before the ship's automatic thrusting systems manoeuvre it into planetary orbit. Beach Head 2 There are four levels in the game. In the first level, called Attack, the player deploys soldiers along a path with walls to cover him from the dictator's gun. The objective is to destroy the gun. The second level involves rescuing the prisoners from deadly obstacles by clearing them with a gun. The third level's objective is to escape from the area by flying a helicopter with the prisoners out of the dictator's fortress. Finally the player and the dictator face off, on opposite cliffs, separated by water. To defeat him, the player must make him fall in the water by throwing knives at him. The Dictator tries to do the same to the player. Daley Thompson's Supertest This game features a variety of sporting events. Each one has its own world record and a target time/distance/score to reach. Fail and the player loses one of three lives. After completing all events successfully they repeat with tougher targets. This game feature eight sporting events: cycling, giant slalom, penalties, pistol shooting, rowing, ski jumping, spring board diving, and tug of war), while the ZX Spectrum 128K release has four additional events: 100 metres hurdles, javelin, sprint, and the triple jump; making twelve games in all. Raid Over Moscow The USSR has launched a huge attack on the USA, and the only hope for the free world is for you (as leader of a US Squadron of fighters) to destroy their defense bases. This is done in a multi-stage action game with some similarities to the same developer's Beach Head. All the mini-games must be completed before the time limit on the bomb is expired.

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