Amstrad Gold Hits II

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Platform joystick
Amstrad CPC
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Max Players players

This compilation includes the next games: Avenger: Way of the Tiger 2 Breakthru! Desert Fox Konami's Golf The Goonies Avenger: Way of the Tiger 2 In the sequel to The Way of the Tiger, Yaemon the Grand Master of Flame is the villain of the piece. He has killed your foster-father Naijish and stolen the Scrolls of Kettsuin. Your quest to recover the scrolls and avenge your father's death is viewed from above and superficially resembles Gauntlet. Breakthru! BreakThru is a 2D side-scrolling vehicle shooter. Your mission: race, jump, and blast your way through five levels (mountains, bridge, plains, city, and airfield) of enemy defenses to recapture the stolen jet fighter. A host of enemy soldiers, mines, vehicles, and aircraft will try to stop you, though. Oh yeah... and don't forget to watch out for those rocket attacks and falling rocks! Desert Fox The player takes the role of tank commander, Lone Wolf, who has to foil Rommel's plans in Northern Africa. The strategic part of the game plays on a overhead map, which shows Lone Wolf and Rommel's positions. The overall goal is to save the Allied depots, which are attacked by Rommel's troops - the main challenge is to save all of them in time. Lone Wolf can be moved over the map, and one airstrike per game can be used to buy time for one depot. Lone Wolf also has the ability to gain enemy intel with his radio - this is useful in order to find out where obstacles await. Konami's Golf Konami's Golf features a challenging 18 hole course, and allows you, to choose your club, adjust your stance, and control your swing, applying hook, and slice if desired (or inadvertently added). Wind and ball lie must be taken into account. The Goonies Based on the Steven Spielberg film of the same name, in which a motley crew of suburban kids in Astoria, Oregon, must save their homes from being foreclosed, and find their salvation in a treasure map leading to an old pirate ship in a cavern. However, they must maneuver around an eccentric family of Italian criminals -- the Fratellis -- who are also on the trail of the treasure.

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