As Aventuras da TV Colosso

Release Date calendar
August 1, 1996
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Max Players players

Chefinho is sick, and to be cured he'll need a medicine made up from six rare herbs. But they can only be found in the wilds, and get them is a mission for Gilmar and Priscila. In this side-scrolling action game, the player can choose to play either Gilmar or Priscila at the start of each one of the six levels. Although the main setting of each level is the same to both characters (forests, caves, deserts, underwater stages, waterfalls and such) the level design for each one may vary. In two player mode, players will take turns playing as Gilmar and Priscila. Both characters jump, punch enemies and break blocks. Gilmar can run and double jump. Priscila is stronger and can break several bricks in a row when jumping over them, and can also slide down hills. Gilmar can get some potions, which can break rocks, kill or shrink enemies. Priscila can get miniature menhirs which can be thrown against enemies. Both characters can also get bones throughout the game, granting access to bonus stages where the player controls a little dog. Some levels also involve minor puzzle solving, like pushing switches or moving rock blocks.

Alternate Names
  • The Adventures of TV Colosso



Not Rated

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