Moto Racer Advance

Release Date calendar
December 5, 2002
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Max Players players

Moto Racer Advance is the first adaptation of the motorcycle racing series for a handheld platform. The core concept is similar to the original games: players race on asphalt or all-terrain tracks. The game offers different game modes: single race, championship, league and progression. The latter is the game's main mode as it offers a path for the three main racing styles: Cross, GP and Traffic. By winning races additional locations, bikes and tricks are unlocked. Each of the three paths can be followed separately, they do not need to be completed in a specific order. A fourth style called Ultimate is unlocked later on in the game. Bikes have different statistics based on maximum speed, acceleration, brakes and grip. Some of the available locations include California, England, Kenya, Moscow and San Francisco. GP tracks have a set number of laps and an amount of opponents needs to be passed before reaching the finish line. It puts the focus on using brakes effectively to go through corners in a fluent manner. The off-road terrain tracks in the Cross mode are similar in concept, but demands mastery of power sliding to pass corners. They also have bumps and rougher terrain. The traffic style is a mix with both types of terrain, but introduces AI-controlled traffic that needs to be dodged. Signs above the racer show upcoming corners with a different color based on the sharpness and they also warn for obstacles. While racing a nitro is available to do a wheelie and gain more speed. It can be depleted, but regenerates over time. The top of the screen holds the time and shows a horizontal bar with the positions of all riders.

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E - Everyone

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