Release Date calendar
March 28, 1995
Platform joystick
Game Type type
Max Players players

In the far future, a fanatical group of religious extremists known as the Mondites have begun a campaign of galactic conquest. They believe in the evolution of man through machine by cybernetic implants. You are one of the unlucky victims: a prisoner in a Mondite complex on a distant moon, with no memory of your former life. Your body has been turned into a hideous cybernetic nightmare by the evil Dr. Mastaba. It is up to you to explore the complex (abandoned and on the verge of nuclear meltdown), discover the secrets of the Mondites and the mysterious remnants of alien civilization they've discovered, and get out alive from this moon. BioForge is an action game with puzzle-solving, technologically similar to Alone in the Dark, featuring polygonal (and textured) characters over pre-rendered backgrounds. The adventure elements involve the hero collecting items and figuring out puzzles in order to get to new places and discover the secrets of the complex. The action elements involve combat against foes robotic and alive, both with melee weaponry and with guns, though some enemies require trickery rather than force to defeat. Numerous journals, documents and diaries are found throughout the game; these are all recorded and can be re-read at any time.




M - Mature

Action, Adventure
Origin Systems
Electronic Arts
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